Thursday, June 15, 2006

Early Morning Revelations

Whenever I can't sleep or go back to sleep after an early morning bladder break I KNOW that God is trying to tell me something ( remember that song from the Color Purple )... Today was no exception. The Phone rang mysteriously at 4am'ish , no one was on the line ( not surprised) ..Made my way to the BR and back to bed . Usually I am sleep before my head hits the pillow, but not this morning ...4:00...4:15...4:30....5:00 still awake . SO I roll over say "Ok Lord you must want to talk to me " get on my knees , pray a little and do my Sabbath School lesson. It felt good being in the WORD ..Which leads to one of my revelations , which I'll share with blog land.

The Difference is in the letter L:

The only difference between the WORD and the World is the letter L and the L stands for Love.
The Love of self will lead us to follow after the World and neglect the WORD. We either Love God and make His Word ie. Him a priority or we this world that satan has influenced. Because I am a three point preacher here are my points.

When looking at the letter" L" in relation to us we need to understand that it means:

Love : Who do you love ... Is it self or God

Where does your Loyalty lie.... Who you love most always sheds a light on where you loyalty lies.

Location : This letter and how we deal with it will ultimate determine our eternal destination or location. Heaven or Hell the choice is ours.

My desire is to live a life in the Word and have the WORD dwell richly in my so that my walk and talk align .


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