Monday, January 05, 2009

I begin again

As the new year has begun I am reflecting on goals not met in 2008 and things that need to be done. I realize that I have all the tools in my possession already to change my circumstances( that will preach right there) . So I have begun anew and these are the things that I will focus on for 2009 and prayerfully by the grace of God I will be in a better place come January 2010.

#1- Growth in the Lord

I have been reading my blogs and the recurrent them is my inconsistent walk with the Lord. I yet again come to the realization that I am as close to God as I want to be. It is me not God who is the problem . So my journey this year will be to get a close as possible.

#2- The weight has gotta go!

Because I am a health professional and just have common sense I know that my current weight is too much for my frame. It would be ok IF I was taller ..say like 5'5 but at 5"0 it is a no -no. So this morning as I'm looking through a book I realize between the Bible , exercise videos/dvd's , gym membership and a trampoline in my home I have no excuse!!! 50 Lbs off prayerful by the end of August . If not then at least by December 31, 2009!

#3- Financial Stability

I am returning to Andrews University in 2010 to complete by MDiv. I want to be free of all debt ( except for my car) by then . So I'm on a 16 month payoff plan. Dave Ramsey says" if you can live like no one else you can then live like no one else". In the words of my friend Andrew Francis "Simplify " is the word until my goal is met.

So now I have put my goals for this year on paper per say . Time to get crackin!

Pray for me y'all . I'm scared 2009 is the year of change in more ways than on. So let it be written , So let it be done!


Blogger TLJ said...

Amen! I like that... "I begin again". It sounds so humble. So simple. Just like each day I suppose, the opportunity to begin again and by writing it down... well, I am there with you. Beginning again.

11:22 PM  
Blogger Preachawoman said...

Thanks for joining my journey :) God Bless you as you move forward .

8:22 AM  

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