Saturday, September 09, 2006

The completion of 9/8/06

So today was my last official Sabbath at Pioneer SDA and they bid me farewell in style , a dozen roses and a nice lil love offering. It was very thoughtful of them because our church membership is very small. So anything is a act of love. I'm gonna miss those folks and that church. But I must needed go through to Syracuse.

Thus a good intro into my point from the sermon I preached today. Sermon Title : We all must needs go through from John 4:1-4.(see below) Read until vs 43 for full revelation.

Here are the points:
1)Jesus was a man of purpose and allowed nothing to deter Him from His mission and as Christian we should be the same.

2)Jesus going through Samaria broke down three issues: Tradition , Discrimination and Misguided worship.

Tradition :
The Jews hated the Samaritans and they were unclean to them. This disdain for the samaritians effected the Jew so instead of taking the direct route they would cross the Jordan and walk way out of the way to get to where they were going. Jesus refused to follow tradition and would not continue the discrimination

Jesus going through Samaria validated the Samaritans and women. Jesus would not allow the tradition of the church folks to stand in the way of His ministry. If we are going to be like Jesus we racial and gender discrimination has got to go.

Misguided Worship :Jesus coming through Samaria reeducated the Samariatans concerning true worship, directed them to Him the Messiah and brought revival.

Life Application :

We all have a Samaria that we need to go through but are avoiding. If we are to be like Christ we need to walk the road that God has laid out before us so that we can be uses of God to bring the grace of God and revival to that situation. We can not hate our brothers and sisters of different race. We can not deny women access to worship, ministry and service . We need to stop following the traditions of men and walk the walk of God. If we go through to the destination of God ..going the most direct route and not taking a detour because our issues He will use us to bring the Gift of God ,,,grace , the truth of His Son and Salvation , Revival and True Worship and out of us will pour rivers of living water for God's Glory!

ok there was more but this is just an recap. Folks were blessed and convicted . My pastor even got up and preached a lil and called for heartfelt introspection and prayer this week. God is awesome.

Love y'all . God bless!Holla


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