Saturday, June 24, 2006

Reminiscing ...The week in review

God's favor is more precious than life ...

This week was very eventful. I had my gallbladder removed on Monday , Online job hunting through the week, Phone contact with a possible employers on Thursday ,my son's graduation yesterday and I preached and sang at church today... blow by blow details to follow.

I went under the knife:
I'm tired but feel great . The pain is minimal and I was looking sharp (qq n' Brown) in my cute new skirt ( oh I forgot to put that in the list above..Shopping on Thursday ). The favor of God has been with me and for that I give Him praise. He kept me while I was under anesthesia ..Anything could have happened but it didn't. It was truly a wonderful experience from the IV to the discharge home . Everyone gave great care.

You gotta u-haul I can borrow?
With my upcoming move I have been trying to search out possible employment prospects. Sista girl has a list of won't do's : I won't work nights holidays or weekends. there is no compromising for me . I have worked as a nurse for eleven years and have a wealth of knowledge which allows me to be choosy and I shall . I have found a few things online that look good and I should know more as I visit this coming week.

The nest is almost empty: Calling some handsome man to get the blender , ice and virgin pina colada mix ready :)

Lord I would take a lap around blog land but my belly hurts to much .. Robert graduated !!!! Amen ! God is good and faithful.That leaves only one more to go then I am FREE!!!!!!
Robert begins college life at the end of August and is already talkin about he needs a car ... look at your neighbor and say NOT!
My relationship has been rocky with this child for a while now , but I can say that I was so very proud of him yesterday .The hand of the Lord is on him so I know he will turn out just fine ( as long as I can live through the process

Sabbath Celebration :
This week marks the beginning of Camp meeting , that time when people come from far and near to worship God together under a tent :). I told my pastor that I would be willing to preach IF I felt up to it on Sabbath ( today ) because he would be away at camp. I am so glad that I offered because we had a glorious time . There were only two people at church when I arrived with two visitors coming in behind me. We then had two more people ( visitors also) come , along with 5-6 regulars so all in all there were about 10-11 folks.

We had no one to play the organ or piano ( they were at camp) . I sang a song I had never sung before and I KNOW I was off key near the end , but folks said it was great ( looking confused they were probably tone deaf . I shared a word from a previous post ( see early morning revelations) and the people said they were blessed. This was a no frills service but it was so nice . We sang the hymns with all our might... Some on key some off , we changed up the program and did a lot of reading from the WORD! Just great. People even hung around talking afterwards.

The Lord showed that in the words of Elder Derandell Ford says " Don't no one monkey stop the show " We went on and praised God on purpose and were blessed. One of the visitors said that they were in town visiting and decided to stop for worship when they saw the church doors open . Praise God that we didn't decided to close for the day.

Day is dying in the west :
the sun has sent and a new week has begun . As I close I leave a word from Isaiah 40:9-11,26-31

walking away to take a darvocet ...God Bless *muah*


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