Thursday, May 07, 2009

There is a time for the deep and spiritial ..but can we just talk...

Ok so I posted this on my FB account today

just stole this...umm borrowed( because preacher's don't steal) it from my friend Olga's page. Living this here statement right now ! " Life isn't about being who everyone wants you to be... its about being yourself and finding someone who loves every bit of it" AMEN! Preach Status Shuffle :)

someone posted this comment on my page r/t the above stated quote:

Is it really??? I thought it was about NOT being yourself , and being the total opposite of yourself -- that is, being like Jesus. From what I read from the Bible, we can't be ourselves, AND be saved."

First of all sometime folks ( including myself can just be too deep and spiritual . When I read the quote initially it touched my heart because too often in the past and up until recently I have been "trying " to make people love me ...usually males and finding it hard to accept me for me . So my growth as a woman has involved living what the quote says. Love me or leave me BUT I am me .

The sister who posted seems to think that we have to loose who we are to find Jesus and that is true in a sense. The old fleshy me cannot live the LIFE because dark and light can not dwell together. But when I come to the LIGHT ..Jesus and find my true self in Him , then I can learn to love me , all of me ( the good , bad and the ugly ) just as He did ( John 3:16) and then begin to live the LIFE.

Now I realize that the enemy wants me neither to love or accept myself . So that I will never reach my full potential in God . But I have resolved to love me and only have people in my life who love me. This does not mean that I am not being changed into the likeness of Christ and still holding on to the old man but instead I am allow God to make me into the vessel of His choosing .

Sam Sasser , author of "The Potter's Touch "once prayed that he would me made into the image of Christ and God said" Which image is that ? There are many " and He began to name them " Lion of Judah, TheLamb , Priest , Servant etc" The Core Jesus is our foundation but just as there are numerous images of the same Jesus found in the Bible there are numerous vessel found on this here Earth who reflect His glory and image.

I'm glad God is not a cookie cutter God nor wants us to be Stedford Wives like but instead has made us all different . In that difference come learning to love how God made us and the purpose for which He made us. It's not coveting someone else's uniqueness or under appreciating our own . It is living through Jesus the Life that He intended for us , not what man , parent(s) , friends, spouses, boyfriends/girlfriend....even self thinks that should be or look like and LIVE.

So yep I stick to the statement "Life isn't about being who everyone wants you to be... its about being yourself and finding someone who loves every bit of it"

The first" Someone" is Jesus and the second" someone" is that person who God designed to be your spouse . The someone(s) are true friends who will love the you for how God made you and who you are in Him



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