Friday, July 03, 2009

Follow the directions!

On Monday I was early morning nurse and I received a call saying I needed to go to Skaneateles , NY . The oncall nurse gave me direction from our office but I live in the Valley section of Syracuse and knew there was another way to get to Skaneateles which should have been easier (per my belief) than going by the info I was given. I called the family to let them know I was coming and then asked about getting to their home from my house. The patients son said sure you can come RT 173 and proceded to give me directions...Well this is where it gets interesting .

I follow the new directions, I drive , drive and drive some more ending up way off the beaten path. I call the family apologizing for being lost ( I was going for a death no less!!!) and asked the son if he thought I should have taken 175 instead ? By this point he and I both are confused. I call the office and speak to the patients nurse hoping she could help me and she is just as clueless as we were. I eventually go back from whence I came and see a sign for the 690 ( umm the highway I would have been on IF I had followed the ORIGINAL directions) and after about 30 mins finally make it to the home . The family was gracious inspite of the death of their mother , I did what I had to do and while drivng back to the office a though came to my mind.

How many times has God given me directions and I've tried to find a quicker , different way to my assignment, call , promise ....? hmm. I wasted over an hour of driving for a trip that should have taken about 30 minutes or less. I put 70! miles on my car just because I thought I knew a better way . It's just like that with God and His directions sometimes. We ( I ) hear God's voice" This IS the way , walk ye in it " BUT we think "There has gotta be a better, easier, safer , different way Lord " and we run off , end up loss, asking folks for help who don't know the plans God has for us ( even though we think they know ) and have to back track to get on the right path . The path God told us initially .

A couple of scriptures came to mind as I drove and even as I type now .

Prov 3:5-6 - Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not to thy own understanding ...
Jer 29:11- For I know the plans I have for you .......
John 10:27 - My sheep ( children ) know my voice and another they will not follow ...

I know there are more but I just want to encourage you to FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! Listen to God and trust that He knows best. We can't hurry God , we can't see what is up ahead BUT we can trust that God can and His direction Never lead us off of our intended path . I don't know more than Him and neither do you . We can choose to listen to those who sound like they know or we can listen to the ONE who really know. We can follow our own path and become lost or we can follow God's path and make it to the place(s)and destiny He has prepared for us.

I'm so glad that when I turned around I saw the sign for the 690 and was able to get to my destination and I'm glad that when we get lost all we have to do is turn around and get back on track, back in the right direction.

God is just awesome folks. Happy Sabbath and remember . Follow the directions!


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