Sunday, October 10, 2010


So I have finished my cleanse and realize the following:
  1. I need to live a very disciplined life. A Fasted Lifestyle. I'm going to research and pray about this because it is all too easy for me to fall back into my unhealthy ways after a "challenge" or "fast" is over. 
  2. God has been reinforcing the need for me to eat according to His health principles and my body has shown me that fake meat is not easily digested anymore:( . This should be a no brainer as anything fake is just that fake) . I recently went shopping and found my favorite veggie meat /fish products carried by a local grocery store. I spent like $45.00 on veggie sea bass, chicken, Mississippi chops..etc. just to have my body show signs that this stuff is difficult to get rid of..
  3. I need the power of the Holy Spirit to help me with this lifestyle change ,
  4. Baby steps lead to walking. Thus it shall be with my journey . 
  5. I need to go through my cabinets getting rid of all non natural foods and then go shopping for staples . 
  6. If I don't cook it , I don't eat it! That was in my head either today or yesterday and then I saw it in a blog and knew it was confirmation . This will limit my eating out and even what I eat at friends/family homes.
  7. I need to plan my meals and shop accordingly . Weekly shopping since I will be eating more whole foods .
  8. I'm lazy and inconsistent . I must overcome these traits
  9. With God ALL things are possible
  10. I want to be healthy . It's more than just loosing weight . It's about a way of life.

Pray for me :) . Today I will tackle the pantry to see what exactly IS in there and what I need . No more grocery shopping without a list . Wasting money and time ( repeated trips because I forgot something duh) .

Baby steps.



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